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Welcome to Harmonia, the sincere Christian dating service

First of all, some details about us: (also available as printer-friendly PDF file)

Using a dating service requires trust right from the start. It is therefore important for us that you know who we are. You should be confident in your choice of service.

HARMONIA was established in 1985 and is a family-run company. Through two decades of successful activity, HARMONIA has developed into one of the most reliable dating services in Germany.

My name is Dietmar Gotthard Brinkmann. I am the founder of HARMONIA and run the company. My father was a pastor and dean in the local area and as a child I had early contact with all aspects of interpersonal relationships. I have found my vocation in helping individuals to find partners.

Warmth and experience, correctness and discretion have together resulted in HARMONIA becoming one of the most renowned top-class dating services. The clientele includes individuals from all age groups with initiative, education, discernment and style, social standing and financial independence. Many come from Christian backgrounds.

HARMONIA has grown primarily from personal recommendations from our clients. I deal with the task of matching partners in person. HARMONIA therefore does not have any branches or agencies.

Thousands of individuals have already put their trust in me.
The pathway out of loneliness is a difficult one. As a widower in a new and
happy relationship, I know this path and can guide you with expertise and
confidence into happiness. You, too, can benefit from my top-class contacts
and save yourself wasted time and disappointment.


If you are serious about wanting to change your present circumstances, please telephone me on +49(0)21 02/ 52 84 52 to arrange an appointment.

Christliche Partnervermittlung Harmonia
Best wishes

christliche seriöse Partnervermittlung
Dietmar Gotthard Brinkmann
Founder and Managing Director

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Pro Honore kontrolliert: christliche Partnervermittlung Harmonia die christliche Partnervermittlung Harmonia unterstützt die Kindernothilfe
                               Harmonia supports the Kindernothilfe children's charity

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