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HARMONIA is run by Dietmar Gotthard Brinkmann, the son of a pastor, whose work is informed by the Christian attitude of fellowship towards others. The family-run HARMONIA organisation, which has been operating successfully since 1985, offers the following


1. HARMONIA employees have no criminal record, enjoy a good reputation and are personally committed to helping you.

2. HARMONIA always matches partner requirements on an individual basis.

3. HARMONIA has particular experience in the bringing together of partners from well-educated and Christian backgrounds and is a specialist in this area.

4. HARMONIA guarantees that it will not pass your details on to other organisations. It will only forward them to other HARMONIA clients for the purposes of initiating relationships.

5. I manage the task of passing on details in person.

6. At HARMONIA you will find a large number of people from all age groups. Our clients are all sincere and cultivated individuals. They include:


Men of standing ... Attractive ladies ...
Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs
Doctors Doctors
Theologians Senior civil servants
Lawyers Executives
Professors Nurses
Architects Excellent housewives
Engineers Educated young ladies from
Tax consultants good families
Senior civil servants  
and many others ...


I am committed to promoting sincerity and honesty in the dating service sector and take action myself against unprofessional agencies. To view our certificates,click here.

Anyone using my services can be sure of meeting the right partners.


I give my personal assurance of this.

Dietmar Gotthard Brinkmann

Founder and Managing Director





Dietmar Gotthard Brinkmann  -  Kirchfeldstraße 61  -  D  -  40882 Ratingen-Homberg
Phone +49(0)21 02/52 84 52  -  Infotape +49(0)21 02/52 84 14  -

Copyright Harmonia Institut

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